Robert Hunter
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Massage Tables

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"Great service - very impressed. I have worked on several of your tables previously, so I knew they were great already. Thanks !"

Tracy Lloyd
Vancouver, Washington

"Your McKenzie is the finest table I've ever had the opportunity to work on...and I've worked on over a hundred tables."

Walter Cyr
Westboro, MA

"What a work of Art! Thank you for such a fine piece of equipment"

Marla Quenzer
West Des Moines, IA

"Robert Hunter's tables are the Rolls Royce of bodywork tables, there are none better."

Barbara Allin RN
Certified Instructor of Cranio Sacral Therapy Certified Trager Practitioner & Tutor
Portland, Oregon

"Robert Hunter's tables are Rock Solid. We use you McKenzie table in all nine of our fitness centers."

Gold's Gym Portland, Oregon


"I have, in the past say thirty years or so, come across few companies that have motivated me to write letters of appreciation. Your company is certainly one of those few."

"Your bodywork tables represent an unusual combination of quality materials, competent structural engineering, and craftsmanship. Your many phone calls and personal attention to my specific requests was much appreciated. As a design engineer, product development consultant, and machinist for twenty-five years in the fields of aerospace hardware and medical instrumentation, I believe your company to be a rare find."

"Please keep up the fine work. I will be referring your company to all my Structural Integration buddies in need of Rolf tables."

Richard Hodges
Lyons, Colorado

"I Love your Table"

Petra Schaefer
Hamburg, Germany


"I am thrilled with this table. I have others in massage class and none compare!"

Margaret Cernik
Rensselar, NY

"Thank you, Robert, I am most pleased. All my clients state how comfortable the table feels. It's one of the best decisions I've made in my work. Continued success to you and your company"

Claudia Tidwell
Dolton, IL

"I got a bunch of my fellow students together to get a group discount when I started school. Not only did we get a great price, everyone has been very happy with their table.

Thank you, Robert. I love the solidity and strength of my table, as well as the Reiki end plates."

Joshin Yamada
Portland, OR

"A letter of sincere thanks. For once, a company that does what it says and says what it does! You said the table would be wonderful; the table is wonderful. I put off writing this until I had a chance to put my Santiam custom to the test. It is without a doubt the finest table I have had the pleasure to work on, and I am glad to own it! When it is time to outfit my clinic, I will call bet I will call you!"

Mike Moore
Acupuncture Physician
Tampa, FL

"My Santiam table exceeds my expectations for aesthetic beauty, engineering quality and excellence. I can not imagine a bodywork table that I could be more pleased with than this Robert Hunter table. It was easier to set up than I anticipated and the "Locking Pin" feature is a creative innovation I really appreciate for providing additional strength and integrity over the standard "pop up" table. The Santiam has a very solid, professional feel to it and the integrity of the custom craftsmanship, design and oak wood combine to give the table a "presence" of its own that can only synergistically enhance the bodywork I provide."

"Thank you so very much for providing such a precise and beautiful table for bodywork. The care and love you put into it speaks for itself."

Peter Anastasia RN
Albuquerque, NM

"It's the only table I recommend someone who is going into massage as a profession. I've used my table since 1981 and it is rock solid"

Susan Kerr
Portland, Oregon


"I am so glad I did not purchase a "cookie cutter" massage table. I'm impresses by the quality and stability, and I especially like the locking pin system."

Connie Crowl
Garner, NC

"My clients and I are enjoying the new bodywork table that I picked up last week from your shop. The table I purchased from you twenty years ago is still going strong."

Beverley Reeves
Portland, OR

Electric Lift Table

"Silent motor and incredibly stable. I especially like your adjustable face cushion insert"

Michael DuBois
Portland, OR