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 Designed with input from Feldenkrais, Rolfing and Shiatsu practitioners, the Columbia portable table is exceptionally stable and sturdy. We developed the unique 'Tandem Cable system" to ensure rock solid stability, and prevent center sagging that occurs in other tables. The platform surface is soft enough for prolonged comfort, yet firm enough to be sure that your client is receiving the treatment, not the table. Even with this higher degree of stability, the weight of the Columbia is the same or even lighter than other comparable tables.

 The "Tandem Cable System" uses eight 7-strand, high tensile strength, vinyl coated steel cables, 32mm x 29mm solid oak legs and brace supports, anti-racking torsion struts, full length nickel plated piano hinge, and two locking knobs per leg. Height is adjustable from 15"- 26". Thicker foam systems increase the table height.

 The platform is solid 6-ply, 6mm Russian Birch, strengthened by a solid hardwood 25mm x 38mm hardwood frame with locking rabbet & tenon joints and reinforced corners, two solid hardwood longitudinal center supports. We use closed cell foam, and expertly upholster the tables with durable vinyl and two soft handles.

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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Height Range: 15" to 26"
  • Tandem Cable System Brace System
  • Oak Legs
  • Padding Options: 1/2" to 3 1/4"
  • Rolfing�, Feldenkrais�, Shiatsu�
  • Center support rails
  • Full length piano hinge
  • Table Width:  34" to 39"
  • Static Weight: 3500 lbs/sw
  • Working Weight: 2000 lbs/ww
  • Double Leg Knobs
  • Table Weight: 34 to 48 lbs
  • Table Length: 75" or custom 
  • Platform: 4mm, 6mm or custom
  • $899/$879

Vinyl Color Options:

Levante Vinyl:
no charge

Plywood thickness
Table Width
6 mm
4 mm
Table Padding: Feldenkrais 38"
�" Extra Firm
Table Padding: Feldenkrais 38"
�" Medium Soft Felt
Table Padding: Rolfing 38"
1 �" Firm
No extra charge
Table Padding: Massage 39"
2 �" three layer
Table Padding: Massage 39"
3 �" three layer

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